Lydia Faith Cox

Family Foundation

Lydia’s family founded The Lydia Faith Cox Family Foundation after her death in 2009. The money raised from the foundation’s golf tournament, and other fund raising events, would no longer go towards medical needs, but to help others. Lydia was born February 15, 2006 and passed away October 25, 2009. She taught us all so much in the three short years we were blessed to have her with us.

The small milestones she achieved brought such joy. The day did come that she was able to walk, communicate and play with her brothers, cousins, grandparents, mom and dad. OH! How proud she was when she learned to walk on her own. She had such determination and perseverance, not even falling down would stop her. She had that ability to not give up and accomplished whatever small or large task it was she was trying to achieve.