Lydia Faith Cox

Family Foundation

Bike Camp

The Lydia Faith Cox Family Foundation values people by recognizing individual uniqueness and celebrating diversity. We focus on abilities rather than disabilities, as we work for the highest level of success for each camp participant. Pre-program and post program surveys are completed by the iCan bike staff and the parents/guardians of our camp participants.

There are many factors that contribute to the evaluation of our success, including: attendance, numbers served, percentage of children who can ride a 2 -wheel bike independently at the conclusion of camp and parent/guardian program feedback. On average, 80% of our camp participants can ride a typical two-wheel bike independently by the end of our 5-day program.

The remaining 20% make tremendous progress towards this goal and leave our programs accompanied by parents and/or siblings trained as spotters to continue their training. Physically, participants experience an increase in balance, muscle control and coordination and emotionally/mentally, they gain a new-found sense of pride and empowerment.

We are looking for volunteers who can work directly with the camp participants. The ideal volunteer commitment would be to mentor one camper during a specific time slot for all five days; but we will work with you and your schedule to make this a very rewarding volunteer opportunity for you!

​Volunteers can work 1 session (1 1/2 hours), all of the morning sessions, all of the afternoon sessions or all day. Volunteers must be able to run next to the biker during their time slot. We NEED you to make this camp a success!!!

- Helmet for a camper $15

- Scholarship for a week of camp $150

- Bike for a camper $250

- Sponsor camper for the week $500

June 7-11, 2021

South Technical High School, St. Louis, MO

Special Education Teacher Grant

We are excited and proud to announce the establishment of the LFCFF Special Education Teacher Grant. This grant is open to any Missouri certified special education teacher. Our foundation was established to foster independence for people using the skill of riding a bicycle. Through this grant, we are expanding our mission to include educators. Special education teachers encourage and develop this independence every day in our schools through academic and social skills.

Submission deadline 11/1/2020